BBNaija Expressions: The Dicy Girls Vlog.

Did you watch the Dicy Girls Vlog of Diane and Mercy that Was recently uploaded on Diane’s YouTube channel?

Dicy Girls Vlog
I did. And to say the least,
I had a good time there!

With the way the two faves
Were just catching cruise on
Camera, I was just looking a
Lost lover (admiring the pics
Of his significant other), and
Smiling like a sweet fool.


Diane has really grown and
Matured! – from the quiet girl
That was once scared of what
To say on camera, to one now
Hosting the winner of a reality
TV show by herself.

And, unlike what I was once
Observing of her in the house,
Diane is a very beautiful girl:
One with a creative heart, an
Incredible mind, and a charming

Even when you don’t like
Her, you can’t help but
Smile at the way she
Looks at you from
Her pictures.

And Mercy?

What more can we say about
The multiple endorsement
Bagging babe that’s now
The proud owner of a
Clothing line.

MnM Luxury.

With the way she killed us with
Different colours from her ward-
Robe while in the house, it wasn’t
Surprising to see her pull off such
A fashionable clothing line.

Known for her posing look the
Savage captions that cums with
It, she’s never caught unfresh
When on set.

She’s always giving you hot-hot!

The Queen of highlights once
Said “my heels are higher than
Your standards”.

A post that’ll forever be a talking
Point in the camp of the Titans.

But just so we make it clear, even
Biggie himself (whoever the guy is),
Knows that the dicy girls are not on
Speaking familiarity with Tacha, no
Matter how much they want to say
“This is love space, let there be love”.

Don’t let me even talk too much,
Search for the video on her blog
(Diane Russet), and watch how
They answered some interesting
Questions from their fans.

Or click on this link.


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