Frodd’s Relationship with Diane – BBNAIJA Expression.

Frodd: First of his name; Lord
Of the emotional gang; crier
Of the hurting heart; rejected
By the queen ? herself, even
Queen Esther; and washer of
The male toilet!


What else are we going to do

About Frodd’s case – who has
Been nominated for eviction
For the second week in a row?

On the first, he saved himself –
Unlike Seyi – by replacing his
Name with Mercy. But now,
He has no one to save him –
Except voters – as his name
Was mentioned by more than
Seventy percent of the house

What exactly did Frodd do?

Just yesterday, he requested for
A BP check from the Big Brother
Himself, as he couldn’t “breathe”
Anymore. And only today, he
Was called an animal by
Almighty Tacha.

Can this guy survive another
Week in this house???

The love of his life, and the one
He had been tearing for ?, has
Been waltzing away with Nelson
On almost every screen time she

Leaving us with one simple to
Ask: What is Frodd’s relationship
With Diane?

None exactly!

Just that if Diane had decided
Not to be a pussy, rotating her
Options on a triangular shape
Around Tuoyo (whom she
Referred to as caring, Sir Dee
(The one who is like a brother
To her), and Nelson (the playful

She would have been able to
Lock down Nelson’s heart on
Her succulent breasts, and he
Wouldn’t have had time for

Esther would then have become
Bored with being alone, that
She would have had no choice
But return to Frodd.

For one last dance before he’s
Evicted on Sunday.

Let’s go for a commercial
Break about Frodd’s Relationship with Diane.

We’ll be back Big Brother Naija very soon so stay tuned.

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