This definitely isn’t the Diane Russet that walked into Big Brother’s House a little over seven months Ago.

The nude lashes, the inviting
Lips, the piercing eyes, the
Naked boobs.

That particular Diane was small,
Little, quiet, gentle, sort of naive,
And generally not talking unless
There’s a Mommy Mercy she can
Gossip with.


Diane was generally referred to
As the baby of the house, with
No housemate wanting to put
Her up for eviction (for only God
Know why), as she walked her
Way into the final ten housemates
Of the reality tv show.

Being the only other female left,
Aside Mercy Eke, the Queen of

Bold to say, that Diane didn’t have
Much ‘growing up exposure’, aside
Her usual childhood fantasies.

Sugbon, the Diane we’ve been seeing
Since the day Elozonam walked into
That house has been all shades of
Ice, spice and everything nice.

From the Saturday night parties to
That particular pool party, Diane’s
Boobs has been bouncing up and

Diane Russet

And ever since she came out of
The house, she has been killing
Us with hot-sexy pictures from
Back to front to side to hips to
Boobs and back again.

Check out some of Diane’s Pictures after the house below:


But most recently, the hot cutie Gave us another meal to feast
On, as she layed her boobs to
Bare on the red carpet of a
Movie premier.

The northern queen left many
People on a oh-my-fucking-god
Level, as she gave us a mixtape
Title ‘Sensual Seduction‘.

With a bonus track: you can
See but you can’t touch.

This is the same Diane who also
Played a good-girl-gone-bad role
In a short movie she self produced
Titled The Therapist.

Where she severally kissed Inyanya
In a highly seductive manner.

VAR: Diane Russet didn’t change
Because of fame. She has been
Serving us hot even before Biggie

Article Written by PAGIDI


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