Top 10 African countries with the most Beautiful ladies via Afrokonnect.

All women are beautiful and special in their own way,

This article isn’t meant to say that some women are more beautiful than others,

but to broadcast the natural beauty of every African woman around the continent.

Which country has the most beautiful ladies in Africa?

10. Kenya

Kenyan women are gorgeous and have a good sense of fashion,

They are dark as they come but if you’re looking for smooth dark skin that glows, Kenyan women have it all.

9. Eswatini

Eswatini is officially the Kingdom of Eswatini,

still commonly known in English as Swaziland is a landlocked country in Southern Africa.

What makes Eswatini women stand out is their traditional outfits which almost every girl and woman wears with pride,

And when you visit the country at the right time of the year,

you’ ll be in for a surprise and a whole lot of cultural experiences.

8. Tanzania | Top 10 African Countries with most Beautiful Ladies

One of the things that sets aside Tanzanian from the rest is that they are very beautiful, cultured, caring and once you fall in love there is no going back.

Tanzanian women are very gorgeous and give men like us sleepless nights.

6. Cameroon

If you have ever visited Cameroon, you’ ll understand when i say that Cameroonian women are the real deal.

If you’ re a foreigner in Cameroon, you’ve got yourself a deal.

Most Cameroonian women love to date men from another country because they tend to find their own men quite irresponsible and not future oriented.

Cameroonian don’t like to be toyed with, so beware, commitment level is very high.

Top 10 African Countries with most Beautiful Ladies in 2021

5. Ghana

Walk the streets of Ghana and you’ll be amazed at how curvy Ghanaian women are,

Ghanaian women are of average height and they come in all skin tones.

4. Egypt

Egypt is a Muslim country so the women here are cover from head to toe,

but seeing an Egyptian woman dance is one hell of a sight.

Regardless of others, Egyptian women are gorgeous, sweet, and soft.

3. South Africa | Top 10 African Countries with most Beautiful Ladies

Natasha Thahane Biography and Net Worth | Top 10 African Countries with most Beautiful Ladies
Natasha Thahane – Via Afrokonnect

In 2019, Zozibini Tunzi, a South African woman, was crowned miss universe.

South African women are so gorgeous that you can’t help but appreciate their beauty.

They are hot, goal oriented and are very polite.


2. Ethiopia

Women from Ethiopia are very charming and gorgeous.

If you’ve never seen an Ethiopian woman, then be ready to get your mind blown.

They have chocolate skin, soft and smooth hair.

If you’ re a jealous type of man, dating an Ethiopian woman isn’t for you because they will surely get admired by others everywhere she goes.

Some say that their beauty results from the mixing of Asians with Ethiopians.

Regardless, they are unique and have attractive bodies.

Top 10 African Countries with most Beautiful Ladies

1. Nigeria

Nigerian women are very beautiful, curvy, charming and classy.

They are famous for being tall, dark and romantically appealing.

The only problem with most Nigerian women is that they love money too much and want to be taken care of.

Maintenance level for Nigerian women is expensive,

Nigerian women are however adventurous, open- minded and are also very family oriented.

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