5 best cryptos for moderate earners in 2023

best cryptos for moderate earners

5 best cryptos for moderate earners in 2023 via Afrokonnect.

Cryptocurrencies are a crazy concept. The first crypto to have a global launch is Bitcoin,

With its launch in 2009, many investors moved their luck to this investment model.

How did crypto create its stand in the investment market?

Cryptocurrencies operate on a pretty simple concept. It allows users to keep their credentials safe and secure to prevent blockchain assault and other fraudulent procedures.

There is a peer-to-peer transaction undertaken without the need for any third-party intervention.

Cryptos make use of the blockchain philosophy and decentralised finance system.

The blockchain concept is simple. Every user transaction breaks itself down into single blocks of chain.

These transactions are then stored on user computers from across the globe.

Every user chain takes a unique username. Such user names are a series of alphabets and numeric values that do not link back to the original user.

The blockchain concept also makes it impossible to trace back any user transactions.

Today, many companies are doing their research in blockchain technology.

Companies are also hiring resources with knowledge about this technology.

Other than the blockchain philosophy, cryptos also make use of decentralised finance.

Every crypto transaction is undertaken on the web.

It does not involve any central banks, regulatory agencies, or third-party organizations.

An investor buys and sells cryptos without a geographic or currency barrier.

Which cryptos to invest in?

Now let’s talk about the best cryptos for moderate earners,

Bitcoin continues to occupy the first position in the global market.

But in the past 10 years, there have been other cryptos as well that made their entry into the global market.

These cryptos are cheaper and provide better investment opportunities.

Despite all the goods, one primary factor driving cryptos is their price volatility.

Cryptos tend to fluctuate in more than one way. Since the trading activity is possible 24*7, the price keeps changing.

Investors can gain or lose their funding overnight.

Let us look at 5 crypto alternatives for investment in 2022.

1. Tether – Best cryptos for moderate earners

It is the first alternative currency in demand by most investors.

Tether occupies the fifth position in the investment market. As of October, the total market capitalization of Tether is greater than $65 billion.

Tether is a type of stable coin that allows keeping the cryptocurrency values stable.

An investor interested in long-term returns with a low-risk appetite may choose Tether. It trades under the USDT symbol.

2. Dogecoin

An alternative coin was created as a meme to Shiba Inu. The coin has the face of the Shiba coin pasted on its coin.

It is the second most preferred crypto in the industry today.

Other than investments, Dogecoin is also attracting global attention from retailers.

In early 2022, Tesla announced its preference for Dogecoin. Users can buy Tesla merchandise using Dogecoin. The payment gateway supports Dogecoin payments.

Best cryptos for moderate earners

3. Solana

One of the cheapest cryptocurrencies in the market. It offers a sustainable and scalable solution using a blockchain platform.

Solana token also allows for creating decentralised apps using blockchain technology.

In a normal scenario, the blockchain can support more than 50000 transactions. It is by far the most trusted platform for transaction speed.

4. Shiba Inu

Another trusted cryptocurrency in the global market. The coin is still a competition to Dogecoin.

Shib has created its community of followers. The community has also worked and developed NFTs on their own.

It has also attracted many investors to this investment model.

5. XRP

An affordable and a known name in the global payments platform.

Funded mostly by financial institutions, it allows for easier transactions.

The time taken to undertake each transaction is also minimal. Many investors prefer XRP blockchain due to its open-source network.

The blockchain does not ask for permissions enabling users to undertake easier transactions.


Best cryptos for moderate earners

best cryptos for moderate earners


One question that always takes centre stage is, should you invest in cryptos? This question has been making rounds since 2009.

Despite the negativity around it, cryptos have grown significantly.

The total market capitalization of cryptos has reached more than $3 trillion globally.

Other popular mediums like crypto exchanges and ATMs are also growing.

Many countries are also coming forward with their own set of regulations in cryptos.

Steering committees and governance processes are being set up.

Such steps will ensure that this investment does not become a threat to society.

Intervention from monetary and government agencies will also help protect investor interests.


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