According to reports a 24 years old Nigerian girl identified as Kaosiso Ezibe has been arresting for fraud.

Kaosiso Ezibe is said to have scammed a 60 years old Canadian Woman a huge sum of $291,000 an equivalent of N104M.

The 60 years old
Canadian woman narrated how she met Kaosiso online through a dating platform, who claimed to be a wealthy architect living in Toronto.

Their relationship started between the month of February and March,

one way or the other Kaosiso was able to extort money from the Canadian woman

and The police found out that the identity of

a “wealthy architect living in Toronto” was a fabricated information used by a Nigerian lady “Kaosiso Ezibe“.

Kaosiso Ezibe was arrested, taken into custody and charged with fraud over N1.8 million and possessing the proceeds of a crime under N1.8 million.

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